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Yasai Bamboo Facial Brush Massager


Yasai Bamboo Facial Brush Massager

This Yasai Facial Brush is used to get rid of

- Clogged pores
- Dead skin
- Makeup residue

Soft filaments are made of Bamboo Fibre which is designed to resemble the softness of fine goat hair without the odour and bacteria. It is uneven on the surface, just like natural hair, which is the key to deep-pore cleansing.

The uneven bumps on the surface of the brush helps to reach into hard to reach crevices of the face.

It also helps to massage the skin and improve absorption of skincare products.

Best paired with Kobō Facial Foam

How to use with Kobō Facial Foam:

1. Wet brush

2. Pump appropriate amount of facial foam on brush

3. Massage and deep clean face, rinse off.

No Spa-Like experience is complete without the Yasai Bamboo Facial Massager Brush.
Pamper your skin to an exquisite and relaxing session when you deep cleanse today!