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Yasai Facial Spa Cream Gift/Travel Set


Get a Yasai Spa Cream Gift Set + Kōbo Facial Foam at only $89.00! Original price at $106.00.


Join the clean face club with Yasai new product launch! The Yasai Sān Cleansing oil! Get one Yasai Gift set + Sān Cleansing Oil at ONLY $96.00! Original price at $114.00. 




We have all been sold skincare products with the promise to fix all our skin issues.

But in reality, these products don't always show us the results we thought we would get, and in actual fact, it is not the product's fault!

Most people don't realise that our pores are overly clogged with excess sebum and dirt that you THOUGHT you already removed. 

As a result, your skin is unable to fully absorb your skincare product for maximum effect.

YASAI Facial Spa Cream is a powerful yet gentle dirt remover that cleanses your pores from within. It’s not only able to clean your skin from the daily dust and oil that clogs up your pores, but it’s also extremely hydrating and leaves your skin feeling smooth and supple - just like a baby’s butt!

Suitable for any skin type, YASAI Facial Spa Cream is Paraben Free and made from natural fruit and plant extracts.

Sessions of Facial Spa treatments packed in a box, done at the comfort of your home in just 5 minutes, what more can one ask for! 


In addition, add on our newly launched Kobo Facial Foam Wash that is recommended to be used after having your YASAI Facial Spa Cream. This 12.12, simply top up an additional dollar and get it as a bundle!

The Kobo Facial Foam contains Purslane which is antioxidant and helps with troubled skin with it’s anti-inflammatory benefits. It is gentle yet effective on your skin! 

It is free from skin irritants such as mineral oils and Parabens, and is alcohol free, fragrance free, SLS and SLES free! Infused with natural essential oils, the Kobo Facial Foam does not strip moisture off your skin and aids in maintaining a natural skin PH level. 

It’s never too late to start your clean skin journey with Yasai Skincare.