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Yasai Reusable Bamboo Pads


Because we love the earth

Do beauty products harm our environment?

The large volume of waste produced by beauty every year comes from disposable facial wipes, cotton pads, and makeup remover balls. Either they wind up at a dump, where they do not completely decompose, or flow into the sea that often damages the marine life. It's perhaps time to think about changing the makeup remover to reusable pads.

Experience the environment and cost-saving makeup removing of Yasai Reusable Bamboo Pads:

The Yasai Reusable Bamboo Pads are worth it if you want your skincare regimen to be sustainable. They contribute not just to lower waste, but are also budget-friendly. In other words, you don't continually have to go to the store to restore your make-up wipes or disposable cotton pads. Instead, you can have a limitless supply with this reusable makeup removing pads! These reusable pads are lightweight and easy to use. You can use these reusable bamboo pads for removing makeup, applying toner, exfoliating, and removing face masks. The bamboo fiber used to make these reusable pads is antibacterial and hypoallergenic, so these pads are safe to use on sensitive and allergy-prone skins. With just a small investment in these reusable pads, you can save a lot of money and also protect the environment!

Benefits of Yasai Reusable Bamboo Pads

  • With Yasai Reusable Bamboo make-up removal pads, you can replace your disposable cotton rounds. It’s pocket-friendly and environment-friendly.

  • These reusable pads can easily be washed by hand using a little soap and water. You can also wash them in the washing machine. These pads can easily be cleaned and ensure you their long-term use.

  • These washable bamboo pads are made of bamboo fiber, which is pleasant and friendly for you to use on your facial skin, and the material is also durable so these bamboo pads will not deform or break.

  • The size of these reusable bamboo pads is perfect for cleaning small regions such as eyes and lips, and for storage and transport it easily. You can place these pads in your makeup pouch or bag and they won't take up much room.

  • These bamboo makeup removal pads are of gentle design and proper size and are thus suitable for a variety of delicate skin areas such as eyes, lips, eyebrows, nose, cheeks, etc.

Best paired with: Sān Cleansing Oil 
How to use Yasai
Reusable Bamboo Pads + Sān Cleansing Oil?

Step 1:
Apply Sān Cleansing oil onto Reusable Bamboo Pad
Step 2:
Move these pads gently in a circular motion on your skin till all make-up is taken away.

How to wash Yasai Reusable Bamboo Pads ?

These bamboo pads make your face clean, soft, and fresh. For cleaning these reusable pads by hand, wet the reusable pads then dispense a small amount of soap on them. Rub the pads with your finger then wash them in clean water. 

For hygiene purposes, it is recommended to change each pad after 20 uses! 1 box (5pcs) is equivalent to 100 uses.

 Size: 9cm*9cm, Quantity: 5pcs