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Yasai Skincare Spa Set


Yasai's 2-Step Complete Skincare Routine 

There are tons of beauty products in the market and different skincare routines to follow, however not everyone has the luxury of time to do so, and when it gets too time consuming, people tend to just ditch it all and this results in them neglecting their skin in the end.

Yasai has combined and formulated all the essential benefits every skin needs into 2 simple steps! Convenient yet effective, don't let your skin miss out on anything!

Dirt Removal + Moisturise + Balance Oil Levels

Yasai Facial Spa Cream helps to:

✔ Remove dirt and unclog pores
✔ Get rid of dead skin cells 
✔ Increases moisture level of skin
✔ Decreases excess sebum and oil levels
✔ Prevents breakouts
✔ Brightens skin
✔ Anti-inflammatory benefits soothe skin and reduce redness
✔ Tells you your skin condition based on dirt colour

Different dirt colour shows you what is possibly stuck in your pores so that you can take note on what to avoid or change in your environment! For example if you get a green dirt result, it means that you're probably using facial serums/creams that might be pore clogging!

Here is the colour chart you can refer to for different dirt colour indications. Also don't be surprised if your results is a mixture of more than 2 colours - it is possible too!

It is only when your pores are clear can your skin absorb all the nourishment from the ingredients of your skincare! Yasai Facial Spa Cream maximises absorption and keeps your face clean from daily environmental substances.

Watch your skin improve with regular usage, track the cleanliness of your skin according to the dirt colour changes along the way!

Collagen Restoration + Balance Skin PH level + Repair Skin Barrier

Kōbo Facial Foam helps to:

✔ Repair skin's barrier
✔ Promote growth of collagen
✔ Balance skin's PH levels
✔ Maintain skin's moisture level
✔ Shrink pores
✔ Reduce Keratin and sebum production
✔ Locks in moisture and plumps up skin

 Kobō Facial Foam's soft foam bubbles are fine enough to remove trapped dirt and bacteria even from the micro gaps of your skin's surface! It's concentrated formula means that you only require a small pump for a full wash!

"There are no ugly women, only lazy women."

Yasai ZUU Facial Towel 
(with natural Bamboo scent!)

Stop cleaning a clean face with a 'dirty' towel!

If you use facial towels that are hung around in your bathroom or cupboard, you might just be wiping your face with the same amount of dirt and dust you just washed off!

These towels collect germs and dust in between their fibres when left hung out to dry and when you put them on your face... You know what happens next.

That is extremely unhygienic and it is one of the main reasons many people see their skin condition slowly worsen.

Multifunctional Bamboo Facial Towels

Wet and Dry Dual-purpose:

1. For general skincare application, soak in water and wring it dry to use.

2. For after face wash, gently wipe off the remaining water on your face.

3. For makeup removal, use with makeup remover then gently wipe off.

Naturally antimicrobial, antibacterial and hypoallergenic

Yasai Multi-Functional Bamboo Facial Towels are very soft and gentle on the skin as it is made of 100% bamboo fibre, giving you an almost silky feel.

Suitable to use with skin cleansers and even hot soapy water. No irritation, perfect for sensitive skin. Durable and thick, it can definitely be rinsed underwater.  The wipes are absorbent enough to clean your face and the whole body.

Size: 20cm * 20cm, Qty: 60pcs


With these 2 simple steps, you'll be on your way to cleaner and brighter looking skin in no time! Fuss free and effective, you'll never have "no time" to do a complete skincare routine ever again!

We made it easy for you so you don't have to go through the hassle. Try this Yasai 2-Step Skincare Routine today!