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Yasai Zuu Bamboo Facial Towel


ZUU Facial Towel - with natural Bamboo scent!

Are you cleaning your “clean” face with a “dirty” towel?

Did you know that even after usage, your ordinary and regular-use towels collect bacteria when left to dry? Towels also contain dead skin cells that can transfer viruses easily. You may simply wipe your face with the same amount of dirt and dust which you just washed off if you use face towels hanging around in your bathroom or wardrobe. These towels gather germs and pollution between the fibers if left to dry. This is very unclean and is one of the reasons why many individuals are seeing the gradual worsening of their skin conditions.

Experience the germ and dirt free gentle cleansing of Yasai Zuu Bamboo Facial Towels: 

The Yasai Zuu bamboo Facial Towels are made from 100% bamboo pulp fibers. These bamboo facial towels are soft and pleasant and appropriate for use on sensitive skins. These bamboo facial towels are made alcohol-free, odor-free, and chemical-free. These bamboo facial towels not only protect human skin but are also environmentally friendly. These towels do not leave any residue on your skin and are naturally antimicrobial, hypoallergenic, and antibacterial, so it is safe to use by people of all types of skin. The two different kinds of layers of the towels serve dual uses on the skin. The dotted layer of the facial towel is recommended for daytime use and the flat surface is recommended for nighttime use.

Benefits of Yasai Zuu Bamboo Facial Towels

  • Yasai Zuu Bamboo Facial Towels are absorbent enough to dry your face and hands and may be used with either a cleanser or plain water to quickly remove impurities and dirt.

  • These facial towels are safe to use for personal care and hygiene purposes.

  • Because these facial towels are made with 100% bamboo fiber, that’s why they are smooth and gentle on your skin and gives your skin a velvety feel.

  • These towels are suitable for use with skin cleansers and hot soapy water.

  • These bamboo face towels are ideal for all skin types and cause no irritation as they are free from bacteria.

  • The dual surfaces of these towels are sufficiently absorbent and thick to clean your face and your entire body.

How to use Yasai Zuu Bamboo Facial Towels

The Yasai Zuu Bamboo Facial Towels are convenient to use for general skincare, personal care, and skin drying after the cleansing. For general skincare, you can use these towels both dry and wet. When using dry, it has high absorbing properties and when using wet, it cleanses off the skin very effectively without causing any damage to your skin. You can experience reliable and efficient use due to the dual surfaces of the towels.  For using it after facial cleansing or washing, dab the dry towel over the face gently. Don’t rub it too hard on your skin. These towels are made extra thick and absorbent to quickly absorb all water droplets in a few pats on the skin.

Naturally antimicrobial, antibacterial, and hypoallergenic


Suitable to use with skin cleansers and even hot soapy water. No irritation, perfect for sensitive skin. Durable and thick, it can definitely be rinsed underwater.  The wipes are absorbent enough to clean your face and the whole body.

Every step towards cleaner skin counts, get your ZUU Facial Towels now!

Size: 20cm * 20cm, Qty: 60pcs